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Effective ways to learn a new language


Learning a new language can be tough work. As you’ve probably discovered, it requires a steady mix of dedication, perseverance and quite frankly a whole lot of time to learn the rudiments and understand the subtle nuances. But that’s not to say it’s no fun. Done rightly and through a properly laid down framework, it is a thoroughly enriching experience. Add this to the many rewards (both...

5 reasons why machine translation will never work


‘translating just one segment of spoken or written language requires approximately three times as many computer commands as is required to orchestrate the flight route of a guided missile.’ Those were the words of IBM scientists’ way back in 1950, and while it can be argued that technology has since then moved in leaps and bounds there’s no arguing the fact that it takes a lot of computing power...

5 tips of cross-cultural communications in the workplace


Today’s workplace environment, complete with individuals from different cultural backgrounds and transcending multiple locations is vast. Call it an enclave of cultural dissimilarities, and you’d be entirely right. With these elevated levels of diversity comes a subtle but nonetheless crucial gap in communication. All cultures come with a side serving of tendencies and presumptions that accompany...