Clear Translations provides interpretation services in more than 30 languages. We work in all types of settings and in diverse areas of specialization. Our interpreters are meticulously selected: all candidates must demonstrate high-quality language transfer skills and productive knowledge of their areas of specialization. We ask only the highest calibre interpretation professionals to join our team. This painstaking and rigorous process helps guarantee that the interpretation encounter will be successful.

Legal interpretation: This service is used by lawyers and in court settings, at municipal, provincial or federal levels. For languages which certified court interpreters are not available, Clear provides highly experienced interpreters with a solid background in the field. Our most common types of legal settings include: investigations, interrogatories, interviews, court proceedings, trials, litigations, depositions, insurance claim assessments, among others.

Conference interpretation: Our conference interpretation services are provided by certified conference interpreters who are members of AIIC. Conference interpretation is the most demanding interpretation service and cannot be provided by community or court interpreters without affecting the quality of the outcome. Given the high level of skill of our conference interpreters, and the huge demand for their service, we can guarantee availability only if you book in advance. Our most common types of conference settings include: symposia, fora, courses, conferences, speeches, meetings, among others.

Community interpretation: This service is used by the general public for casual meetings or in social and community settings where interpretation is needed. Our most common types of community settings include: refugee interviews, school meetings, social cases, among others.

Medical interpretation: This service is used in medical settings and by insurance companies and individuals. Common situations that require medical interpretation services include: interviews, insurance claim assessments, medical interviews, medical assessments, doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, consultations, among others.

Commercial interpretation: This service is used by business professionals who want to communicate with their counterparts who speak another language. Commercial interpretation is used in business meetings (in person or via teleconference) and by delegations, and may entail the use of specialized language.

Official interpretation: This service is used by government agencies that want to reach out to specific audiences by speaking to them in their native language. Official interpretation includes speeches, open houses, consultations, community presentations and other similar events.

We interpret in more than 30 languages.