Our professional and certified translators can translate a wide variety of documents in different areas of specialization. With more than 18 years of experience in the field, we offer our clients the best translation services in the industry. Our careful and rigorous translation process guarantees that the quality of every translation meets or exceeds industry standards.

Our areas of specialization

  • Business and commercial: audit reports, annual reports, corporate policy manuals, codes of ethics and conduct, contracts, product catalogs, brochures and posters, ads, closed-captioning for videos, presentations, website content
  • Financial and accounting: financial reports, audit reports, annual reports, corporate policy manuals, contracts, agreements
  • Legal: international agreements, articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, patents, union agreements, business contracts, policy manuals, codes of ethics, litigation materials, trusts, wills, tenancy agreements, insurance claims, evidence documents, witness statements, MOUs, and others.
  • Marketing and advertising (translation and adaptation): product catalogues, brochures and posters, ads, closed captions for videos, presentations, website content, fact sheets
  • Technical: proposals, technical specifications, design memoranda and reports, technical reports, EIAs, preliminary reports and studies, progress and final reports, technical manuals, MSDSs, SDSs, instruction and operation manuals, safety manuals, user guides, SOPs, operating guidelines, test plans, functional specifications, training plans and manuals, presentations and tutorials, catalogues and other technical documents in the following fields: energy, oil and gas, mining and metallurgical engineering, agriculture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental sciences, earth sciences, computer sciences, biology and bioengineering, chemistry, archaeology, geology, sociology, aircraft and aerospace engineering, nuclear engineering, automotive, and others
  • Technical-legal: patents, EIAs, technical-economic proposals, and others
  • Government: evidence documents, witness statements, investigation reports, depositions, court orders, litigation materials, insurance claims, medical assessments, medical reports, presentations, introduction letters, promotional material, website content, and others
  • Academia: books, reports, articles, journals, and others
  • Personal: birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates, police checks and clearances, academic records (transcripts, certificates, diplomas), documents for refugee cases, medical reports, identity cards, driver’s licences, medical reports, passport stamps, doctor’s notes and prescriptions, health-related invoices, adoption documents, court orders, home purchase agreements, and others

Our clientsOur translation services clients include:

  • Municipal, provincial and federal government agencies
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Legal firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Health institutions
  • Academia
  • Individuals